From the Resistance then to global Resistance today

Come and celebrate with FILEF Italian Liberation Day, commemorating 25 April 1945 and the victory of the Resistance to nazi-fascism that gave birth to the Italian Republic and to a Constitution founded on the values of democracy and work.

La Festa della Liberazione or Festa del 25 Aprile is a classic yearly celebration for FILEF and its supporters, over 45 years of activism in Australia. So come and join us!

Umberto Grassi, of the University of Sydney, researcher for ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, will outline the context of the resistance movements in Europe during WW2 and in the following years, and the role they played in the creation of democracies in their countries.

Frank Panucci, Filef committee member, will give an overview of the relevance of that movement on today’s global resistance to the dangerous rise of populism.

Cesare Popoli, Filef committee member and film fan, will offer a glimpse on stories of resistance and liberation by great masters of Italian cinema.

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