2017 | First Nations People: What Recognition?

FILEF invites you to an information evening on current issues concerning the First Nations Peoples, with particular regard to constitutional recognition, land rights, and the Intervention.
• In 1972 the Aboriginal Tent Embassy united Aboriginal people throughout Australia in demanding national land rights and mobilized widespread non-indigenous support for their struggle.
• 45 year later, many of the demands for justice of the First Nations remain unanswered.
• In May 2017, the First Nations National Constitutional Convention in Uluru agreed on their
fundamental demands and issued the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Ken Canning, a Murri activist from the Bidjara Nation in Queensland. Chairperson of the Indigenous Social Justice Association and founding member of Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology Sydney.

Adam Sharah, from Guringai Country in New South Wales, land rights activist against mining companies. He is a contributor to the Brisbane Blacks publication and proudly associated with the Brisbane Aboriginal sovereign embassy.

Lizzie Kruise, managing support to urban Indigenous youth for Marrickville Youth Resource Centre, which offers a variety of services for young people.

Screening of excerpts from two iconic documentaries:
Ningla A Na – Hungry For Our Land, about the events surrounding the establishment of the Aboriginal tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972.

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