2018 | Four decades of political film making

Spontaneous Productions and FILEF invite you to a special screening of short films on political activism in Sydney by senior filmmaker Russ Hermann.

Over the years Spontaneous Productions has been covering most of the major struggles and campaigns in Sydney, going from workers’ and Indigenous rights to the defence of the environment and to tenants’ rights, as well as promoting and documenting community arts.
The latest production is Road to Nowhere, a look at the ongoing campaign to stop WestConnex, a colossal toll road system threatening to strangle Sydney in vehicle traffic and pollution.
The “Public Transport not Motorways” campaign reflects the growing opposition to the project from the community, including many victims of forced demolitions and health threats.

SPECIAL GUEST Rochelle Porteous, Greens Inner West Councillor, who has been on the front line in the campaign to stop the obnoxious WestConnex project in favour of public transport.