2018 | First Nations Peoples: Growing up in Sydney’s Inner West

FILEF and the INNER WEST COUNCIL invite you to a cultural and oral history evening as part of the Inner West Council Library and History 2018 Heritage Festival – My Culture My Story

Growing up in Sydney’s Inner West with Ken Canning

Growing up in Sydney’s Inner West in the 60s, Aboriginal boys would often find themselves on the same side as Italians and other ‘ethnics’, as targets of the bullying, if not open racism, of ‘anglo’ kids.
Over the years, progressive organizations from migrant communities, such as FILEF, regularly sided with Indigenous Australians in the struggle for their rights.

One example was the coalition “Migrants for Aboriginal Rights”, formed for the 1988 Bicentenary of the Invasion.

Ken Canning, a Murri activist and poet from the Bidjara Nation in Queensland, grew up in Leichhardt. He is Chairperson, Indigenous Social Justice Association and founding member of Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology Sydney. Ken will talk on his experience growing up and also review current issues concerning the First Nations Peoples.