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TALL TREES TALLER FENCES – a film produced by Arash Kamali Sarvestani

Sonja Sedmak on November 20, 2020 - 7:03 pm in Current Info Evenings, Special Film & Information Evenings


(Password: Ftc3456)

This  ‘film as resistance’ goes behind the scenes of Chauka, Please Tell Us The Time, the film shot by refugee Behrouz Boochani inside the Manus detention centre.

Tall Trees Taller Fences is a  documentary film produced by Arash Kamali Sarvestani which follows the lives of the two strangers as they communicate via WhatsApp voice messages from half a world away and try to put the film together. Extra footage shot on Behrouz’s phone gives another insight into what the refugees endured while imprisoned in the detention centre.

Representatives of Filef, RAC and VDSA will briefly introduce the film. Link to introduction here

RAC (Refugee Action Coalition) is a grassroots group campaigning for refugee rights in Australia since 1999. Their strategy is based on the idea that progressive change comes from below. They work towards shifting public opinion so that politicians have no choice but to abandon Australia’s harsh stance on refugees.

VDSA (Valerio Daniel De Simoni Association) honours the life of Valerio Daniel De Simoni. It is a benevolent, non-profit institution, independent of any religious ethnic or political group, organized for the direct support of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia as well as indigenous youth.

Link to film here

Password: Ftc3456

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