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Call Josh Frydenberg – Stop the COVID Commission’s Dirty Gas Plans

Sonja Sedmak on September 15, 2020 - 10:16 pm in News & Events

Call Josh Frydenberg and tell him that spending public money on gas is a disaster for our climate and a reckless recovery response. Frydenberg is the Treasurer and has decision making power about the Budget – calling him is a powerful way to have your voice heard and stop big bailouts for gas companies.

Scott Morrison’s Covid Commission is stacked with gas executives, and are spruiking new gas projects almost every day. Not only are there significant concerns around conflicts of interest, these new gas projects would be a disaster for our climate.

Josh Frydenberg

Josh Frydenberg  Treasurer of Australia   

(02) 6277 7340




Tips: When you call, remember to be polite, friendly and calm. You will probably speak to a staffer, so just ask them to take down your message.

Talking Points: Introduce yourself and why you’re passionate about the issue.

  • I’m concerned about the announcement this morning that the Federal Government is about to hand millions in taxpayer money to the gas industry.
  • The Australian public should NOT be paying for gas industry pipelines, infrastructure or buying gas directly from new fracking gasfields. The Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline, the NT Beetaloo Fracking Pipeline and Bowen Basin pipeline would put farmers and Traditional Owners directly at risk.
  • Gas is a bad investment. Our money shouldn’t prop up the gas industry. It puts farmers and regional communities in the firing line for new gasfields and fracking.
  • We can create more jobs and opportunities if we support manufacturing and agribusiness to electrify and use plentiful renewable energy. We can switch away from gas.
  • The Government could help homes and small businesses install renewables, get energy efficient, and invest in storage. We don’t need more gas and fracking gasfields.

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