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76th Anniversary of Italian Liberation Day, 25th April, 2021

Sonja Sedmak on April 25, 2021 - 8:07 pm in Current Info Evenings, News & Events, Special Film & Information Evenings

76th Anniversary of the Italian Liberation Day 1945 – film

25th April Italians celebrate Italian Liberation Day, remembering the victory of the Resistance against nazi-fascism in 1945 and which gave birth to the Italian Republic.

This year we remember the Italian struggle of resistance with stories from the Italian Partisans Association (ANPI), in Nonantola (Emilia-Romagna). With the help of Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth, Muruwari and Budjiti man and Water for the Rivers activist, we also acknowledge the resistance of the First Nations People that started in Australia in 1788, when their Country was invaded by foreign forces and continues today.

We are showing a video in two parts:

Part 1:

Bruce Shillingsworth, Muruwari and Budjiti man, a talented artist and water for the rivers activist. His country is the north-west NSW river lands that hug the Namoi, Barwon, Darling Rivers; Brewarrina, Bourke, Enngonia, Wilcannia and Walgett. Uncle Bruce talks about the First Nations struggles against the occupation of their land, the leaders who came before him, the importance of the land, the need for all of us to come together in order to heal and move forward. It also includes footage of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and of the 70s First Nations activists.  This part of the video is directed and produced by Fabio Cavadini who included excerpts from Alessandro Cavadini’s film Ningla-A-Na.  See trailer here.

Part 2:

Tells us of the way the people of Nonantola organised amongst themselves a resistance against the Nazis, including hiding Jewish children who were in danger of being rounded up and sent to the camps. ANPI Nonantola

The 20min video will be permanently available on our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/CeZRBP918VI
Subtitled – Italian and English




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